Zwanny spill pallets and internal bunded flooring are for outdoor and indoor use and have a large bunding capacity, making them an ideal solution for safe storage of drums containing oils, fuels, or other fluids.

Manufactured from 100% recyclable structural grade polyethylene, Zwanny spill pallets are hard wearing and have been designed to be fully compliant with required regulations that help to protect your work environment.

Please note that we also offer outdoor and indoor IBC & drum storage products designed to be resistant to any and all weather effects.

Drum Spill Containment - IBC Spill Containment

Polyethylene spill trays with grate:

  • lightweight
  • unique texture “non slip grate”
  • fully nestable without the grates
  • suitable for storing 20 liter drums

Product code product capacity dimensions (wxdxh)

  • st20 spill tray with grating 20litres 600x400x155mm
  • st30 spill tray with grating 30litres 800x400x155mm
  • st40 spill tray with grating 40litres 800x600x155mm
  • st60 spill tray with grating 60litres 1000x600x155mm
  • st100 spill tray with grating 100litres 1200x600x155mm

Single IBC

  • le polyethylene single IBC spill pallet c/w grating

  • Single Polyethylene single IBC Spill pallet c/w grating
  • Capacity 1100litres
  • Dimensions wxdxh 1760 x 1350 x 710mm

Double IBC

  • Single Polyethylene single IBC Spill pallet c/w grating
  • Capacity 1140litres
  • Dimensions wxdxh 2560 x 1350 x 2210mm