Skimmers for Daf Sludge Oil Recovery

Tata Steel had a number of issues with DAF sludge with the recovery of oil from the Daf sludge canals. They where using mop skimmers and in some cases a combination with a tube skimmer, to clean on section of the canal it would take 1 day to do as the recovered oil had a ratio of 20% oil 80% water.

We commissioned our metal disc/brush skimmers that are pneumatically operated and not only cleaned the canal in approximate 40 minutes but the operators found that the skimmer takes on lumps of moss covered in oil which normally had to be taken out by hand.
The oil that was recovered had a ratio of 90% of oil and 105 of water. The company is pleased with the easy to use light weight skimmers.

P Boom for River Application

One of the major oil refineries in the port of Antwerp was looking for a boom that would have 2 years’ fabric guarantee and was able to withstand strong currents from inland and from the sea, all in connection with the river Schelde – the main river in Antwerp that runs through the port area.

After a number of discussions with the customer we came up with the P boom – a lightweight but strong boom that is easy to install as a permanent installation and one that is able to contain oil but would also be able to cope with floating river rubbish.  The boom has been in use since December 2013 and is working very well – exactly what the customer expected from a high quality product provided by Zwanny.


Oil Skimmer Success Story

Here is a success story with our equipment at one of the major European refineries.

One of the main European refineries had a problem with waste oil that ended up in one of their ponds, instead of having the ponds cleaned via a third party they decided to invest in some equipment that would be pneumatically operated.

With Zwanny working close with a number of skimmer manufactures to a suitable skimmer was supplied and commissioned in November 2014.

The skimmer was only working part time and this month we did a calculation how much oil the skimmer had taken out of
the pond in just under 3 months this was 47000barrles of oil recovered that was pumped back into the system.

Due to the flow of the skimmer supplied pumps that where further down the process where not able to cope with the oil coming out and had to be refurbished to able coping with the oil coming from this pond.Why not contact us to discuss skimmer requirements?