Tidal Protection – 0.5m Floodstop
Reservoir – 0.9m Floodstop
Site Protection – 0.9m Floodstop
River Protection – 0.9m Floodstop
Reservoir – 0.5m Floodstop
Tidal Protection – 0.5m Floodstop
Protect ANY opening – 0.5m Floodstop
EA Wales – 0.5m Floodstop
0.5m Floodstop – protecting & diverting
River Protection – 0.5m Floodstop
Wall connection with ease – Floodstop
Household protection – 0.5m Floodstop

Flood Barriers - What our customers say

The National Trust, Brown Sea Island, Dorset
0.5m Floodstop Barrier
The National Trust has purchased the award- winning Floodstop flood defence barrier to protect the iconic Brownsea Island.. The barrier provides protection against floods and high tides. The system has been in place permanently for many years and is the first thing you see when you visit the island.

“We are delighted that we now have an easy to deploy flood prevention system on the island. It will allow us to protect our newly refurbished reception when we have exceptionally high tides. We were completely fed up with deploying sandbags in the past. The barrier was in action today [Sept 2010] and prevented flooding of the walkway and reception. It’s fantastic.”
Angela Cott, National Trust Property Manager at Brownsea Island

The Environment Agency, Sandwich Quay, Kent
0.5m Floodstop Barrier
The Environment Agency procured 180 metres of the Floodstop flood barrier to protect Sandwich Quay in Kent. The barrier has been implemented to reduce flood risk and protect a significant number of properties until permanent defences are built. 
Floodstop has already been deployed as flood defences by The Environment Agency on several occasions – staggeringly, 180 metres can be deployed and assembled in 90 minutes.

“Flooding does set us back, we need industry here. With this system (Floodstop) we will give more people the belief they can come and set up businesses here” Joe Trussler, Mayor of Sandwich

First Great Western, Various train stations in the UK
0.5m Floodstop Barrier
First Great Western use Floodstop to protect various train stations from flooding. Previously many strain stations have been flood due to excessive surface water run off, preventing use of platforms.

“We are using the system and it is working great; Floodstop is keeping our platform and car park open and safe to our customers and colleagues during recent extreme weather and associated flooding”  Matthew Lee, First Great Western