Newsletter Quarter 1, 2020

To all our readers Zwanny would like to wish you a Prosperous New Year in


The  Zwanny news letter is back! after a number of customers requests. Should this be the first time you receive our news letter, new and old readers welcome to our latest news letter that we aim to send out every quarter( instead of each month).

A lot of things have happen and although we use a number of social media platforms and not forgetting the articles we do for Dockyard magazine, a news letter is that extra bit of information about us and our range of products that we supply.

A number of people know that we are nearly 20years in the pollution industry and nearly 10 in waste management, as we do believe that we have got solutions in the containment and

recovery of oil or chemical pollution and waste management for your company for a high quality product at a very competitive price not forgetting to offer and supply proven products that work and are or have been used in a same type of application.

For 2020 we looking to continue doing this as this year, as it is going to be our 7Th year that Zwanny has been trading you being our client thank you very much for this and we look very much forward continue working with you and your company towards the next 7 years and onwards

A number of Zwanny Products you might know know we do and have supplied in 2019 to a number of companies

Trash Trawl in operation in the Akers River in Oslo

Zwanny are the exclusive agents and distributors for SpillTech, equipment the Norwegian company that specialises in systems to collect waste in ports, is expanding its services to tackle waste pollution issues in rivers.  Zwanny has supplied several UK ports with the Port bin which is the original invention of collecting floating waste like plastic and cans etc, the units supplied hold a 30liter basket for the waste collected and do not to have pump problems.

Zwanny has gone to  the next stage and can now offer the Trash Trawl a new waste collector system and would be ideal for canals and river applications, not forgetting that small  corner in the marina or port where the rubbish accumulates and where there might be some current.
Pollution and littering is having an impact on water quality in rivers as well as ports. “Many rivers are becoming increasingly polluted, so it is important to collect as much waste as possible and that is the reason why we have developed a new waste collector system.”

The system, dubbed Trash Trawl, is currently being tested by the Norwegian Environmental Agency in the Akers river in Oslo. The system works on the high-speed boom principle that is common in oil spill recovery. It uses a boom system that feeds floating garbage to a meshed net, which is emptied two to four times on a weekly basis.

An important aspect of the development work has been to ensure that the equipment is easy to handle, and yet robust enough to withstand adverse river conditions. 

“It is a very simple, effective and robust way to collect waste and it is already producing positive results, gathering a lot of debris in the Akers river each week. Clearly, there is a need to develop new systems such as PortBin Trash Trawl to help address the increasing pollution problems in our rivers and also catch the garbage before it reaches out to the sea and causes further damage.”

Please feel free to contact us as we will be happy to discuss the Port bin or Trash Trawl in more depth with you.

Custom build spill kits and fire water run off spill kits.

We continue to offer companies custom build spill kits in a number of sizes, it will all depend what your company is looking for. We can offer and build these spill kits in house, to suit your needs. Not only can  the spill kits contain absorbents but we can add ppe, granules on  top of the absorbents.

We also can build a spill kit to suit your industry being marine, food, The energy sector or heavy industry we can do it all and use our know how.


If you use the content of the bin we also offer a refill kit or can offer a monthly bin check service that we already off to a number of customers. Apart from the standard bins we offer a site survey give recommendations what spill bin to use and how if needed we can custom build the bin to your requirements.

One type of spill bin your company might want to think about are fire run off spill products, if there is a fire and the firewater goes over a site, are there chemicals present in the run off water? have the drains been blocked off? with a one of our inflatable drain valves?
We would be happy to discuss these requirements for your company.

Beach boom for major UK port

We recently supplied a couple of 100m of beach boom to one of the major UK ports, which was supplied in 10m sections in boom bags, the boom has not been used in anger but a number training sessions with the port responder took place, and although the responder company never used the Zwanny supplied boom made in Finland by Lamor, it worked well and everybody was very impressed with the performance of the new boom.

One comment that was used on the water pump we supply as part of the package is that it is possible for just one person to carry the pump onto the beach area. The pump is supplied with a Yanmar engine the port staff and contractor where very surprised of the quickness and capability of the pump compared to old equipment that they used.

The Zwanny beach boom made by Lamor does not only have to be used on beach, as it can  be used land water interface sections or calm rivers or inter tidal area’s both for ports or land applications.

One of the key features of the boom we supply is that the boom will have splash flaps on top end and is in a bright orange colour for identification.

The Zwanny beach boom is manufactured in PU & would be supplied with ASTM z connector plates.

The  Zwanny BSB consists of two levels of chambers; the upper air-filled chamber keeps the boom floating when in water and the two bottom water filled chambers provide ballast and seal the beach from oil. The air chamber is equipped with 1 inch Monsun filling valves in each end of the chamber while the water ballast chambers are equipped with 2 inch Monsun water filling valves in each end and we offer this boom in 2 sizes a height of 550mm or 650mm.

After use the Zwanny Beach boom can be cleaned very easy and  rolled up again put back into its own vinyl boom carry bag
For more information on boom requirements being beach on inflatable or non inflatable boom we might just have got the boom for you.

MK8 Boom for Belgium Port

Zwanny Ltd was contacted by a large port in Belgium needed a permanent boom, that had to be used at several locations in the port, a number of lengths.
In the Zwanny range we supplied the Lamor MK8 permanent boom, that can be easily be assembled and cut to any size that is required.
The Mk8 boom is a heavy-duty solid float boom that has got strength, high freeboard and reserve buoyancy floatation makes this boom very effective under harsh conditions.
Unlike other type of permanent boom whereby the floats are foam filled, the MK8 floats are made from solid molded closed cell polyethylene foam that is high temperature pressed to form the outer skin incorporating a unique splash guard handle and will over come the possible problem of loose foam in the floats or water coming between the foam filling and boom inner wall.

The boom fabric is a manufactured strong PVC coated belting and has got marine growth inhibitors and is UV resistant and is very durable and will withstand the impacts of heavy floating debris, and the boom has a very long service life.
The boom is equipped with galvanized steel ballast weights and can be supplied with ASTM Z connectors or slide connectors.
Why not get in contact with Zwanny-ltd to discuss your marina or port boom requirements as we have got the correct boom for your application.

MOB 13 and MOB20 The absorbent boom to have for many applications

It is all happening at a number of marina’s, ports and industrial applications it has been recognised that the Zwanny Mob13, MOB 20 is a great and a must have product to stock and to use in case of a hydrocarbon spill or hydrocarbon removal. 

The MOB20/MOB13 a marine absorbent boom with a traditional sock in net boom. This type of marine absorbent boom is a league in its own with tiny fiber spheres tightly packed in an inner sleeve pf heavy spun bound material  numerous longitudinal and corresponding circular reinforcements make this absorbent boom very strong.

The core of the boom is filled with a consistent sized recycled oil only melt blown polypropylene and running along the boom’s length is a tough nylon rope. The ends are doubled stapled for added durability.

There are also high-quality rust proofed metal rings and snap hook fittings, these enable a number of booms to be fasted together to create a continuous long length.  All the MOB20 are 100% manufactured in The UK and use recycled materials to help with a reduction in plastic(pp) waste. And is a stock item at Zwanny.

MOB 13 and MOB20 The absorbent boom to have for many applications

After many meetings and driving to the other side of the country, to this major UK port, Zwanny secured an order to supply 200m of boom. 
This port has gone for the light inflatable boom manufactured by Lamor and will be used at the new build port expansion.

As this is all new build the boom has been supplied on an electric reel instead of the diesel hydraulic power pack, as this way the reel can be if needed moved around and plugged in where needed.

The Inflatable Light Oil Boom is a lightweight and durable air inflated boom that covers the increasing demand for harbors, nearshore and offshore oil containment boom configurations, and is mainly deployed for emergency oil

The ILB is manufactured in high visibility red PVC-PU coated woven dtex 1100 polyester fabric.

The boom has separate 4.8 m (15.8 ft) long welded air chambers that are fitted with Monsun XG 1 air valves. The boom is supplied with ASTM Z connectors, made in accordance with the F962 standard at each end.

The ballast chain is a hot dip galvanized DIN 763 steel chain that gives strength, correct and stable deployment in sweeping operations and provides excellent sea keeping properties. The ballast chain is incorporated in the base of the skirt.

Due to its flexibility and rapid deployment, the ILB has been utilized in multiple oil spill containment operations worldwide in e.g. U-sweep configurations.

Technical Specifications

Height650-1650 mm26-65 in
Section length25 m82 ft
Freeboard230-600 mm9.1-23.6 in
Draft270-900 mm10.6-35.4 in
Weight3.0-8.4 kg/m2.0-5.6 lbs/ft
Ballast chain DIN 76310 or 13 mm3/8 or 1/2 in
Coating / Base fabricPVC/PU, 1100 dtex polyester 
Fabric Weight950 g/m²28 oz/yd²
Tensile strength4000 N/5cm913 lbf/2 in
End connectorASTM Z, F962 as standard 


Last year we supplied the Lamor minimax 12 skimmer system to 2 industrial sites, whereby the skimmer would be used recovering HFO from ponds/pits. 

The MM12 system consists of the MM12, hoses, The LLP7 power pack with on board pump and a filter box to take out any wood/plastic/trash prior to entering the Power pack/pump unit.  All the recovered hydrocarbons can be put into an IBC. the skimmer will do 12m3/hr when we commissioned one of the systems the IBC was full in less than 45minutes.

The MM12 skimmer can be supplied with brush/disc or drum option and although used in HFO the system will work well on light  hydrocarbons or even crude should this be the case.

The system can also be used for non industrial applications like terminal’s or ports or marinas.  The system is a standard stock item as we can supply this in a matter of days( not as some other companies where the delivery can be 6-8 weeks).

The Minimax 12 is a light, portable oleophilic brush skimmer, designed to recover oil from shorelines, harbors, rivers and lakes. The skimmer has proven its efficiency in continuous recovery operations in hundreds of oil spills worldwide, in all climatic conditions and varying types of spilled oils.

The Minimax 12 utilizes the well proven Lamor brush wheel system, which combines high oil recovery capacity with a low free water pick-up rate of less than 5 %. The brush wheels recover any floating oils which remain fluid.  The weight of the hand portable Minimax 12 is only 28 kg (62 lbs). The body of the skimmer is made of fiberglass. The skimmer is entirely hydraulic operated and its power requirement is low. The unit is designed to be connected to a suction pump or vacuum system.  The maximum capacity in ideal conditions is 19.6 m³/h and is certified by Bureau Veritas.


New Electric Belt Skimmer from Zwanny

  • The new belt skimmer from Zwanny is a micro skimmer that is designed to be used for many applications where there is a limitation of space.
  • The NBS is a cost effective way oil removal for harsh environments.
  • The NBS is a sturdiest and reliable oil skimmer of its class and is offered with a 5 year belt guarantee.
  • The NBS has got a very low maintenance requirement corrosion free with ergonomic design easy layout to clean with the aim to keep a factories down time low. The NBS skimmer also has got a well proven Tank track skimmer belt, which is fatigue free and self lubricating and will resit a wide range of chemicals.
  • The NBS will take up 3.5 liters of oil an hour and is designed to run 24hours not stop.
  • The Skimmer is electric 240v AC and the electrics have got over current and over temperature protection build in with a manual override button.
  • The NBS can be custom build having 1 to 5 belt options, including the length of belts.
  • The units are UK build and manufactured and a number of companies like: JCB, Nothern Automatic and Numatic to name a couple of companies.

Wash Down Units


Zwanny now can offer a further range of spill stations for absorbents or ppe, these units are all UK manufactured. These units can be custom build for your company, and are ideal for your company to have in and around the site, why not contact us to discuss your companies requirements.

As this is all new build the boom has been supplied on an electric reel instead of the diesel hydraulic power pack, as this way the reel can be if needed moved around and plugged in where needed.

Change of Contact Details

For our our readers that might or might not know, we have updated  a number of things. Although the company registered address is still 3 Neylandpath in Cwmbran, our offices and warehouse are at 109 Springvale industrial Estate in Cwmbran NP44 5BG The UK.

Due to Brexit we understand that the emails ending in eu will in  the next months no longer be valid( we do still check these emails) but to be ahead of the game any email send to please change this to The same counts for the info email address and instead to be will in the next months be

Product of Interest


The Rock Cleaner LRC is a hand-held suction nozzle with an integrated brush wheel for improved oil recovery efficiency. It is specifically designed for use on rocky shorelines, in harbours, at oil terminals, ditches, roads, factories, airports and vessels.

The LRC has a small hydraulically operated brush wheel, removing oil from rocks and separating oil and water. The recovered oil is lead into a hopper behind the brush wheel from where the oil is sucked using a separate suction pump. 

The LRC has an adjustable steering handle and harness. The LRC is manufactured from aluminum and weighs only 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs).  The skimmer is entirely hydraulically operated and its power requirement is low. The unit is designed to be connected to a suction pump or vacuum system. The LRC is recommended to be equipped with an optional Stone Catcher (not incl.) to protect the suction pump in use.