Inflatable Light Oil Boom

The Inflatable Light Oil Boom is a lightweight and durable air inflated boom that covers the increasing demand for harbours, nearshore and offshore oil containment boom configurations, and is mainly deployed for emergency oil spills and protection.

The ILB is manufactured in high visibility red PVC-PU coated wovendtex 1100 polyester fabric. The boom has separate 4.8 m (15.8 ft) long welded air chambers that are fitted with Monsun XG 1 air valves. The boom is supplied with ASTM Z connectors, made in accordance with the F962 standard at each end.

The ballast chain is a hot dip galvanised DIN 763 steel chain that gives strength, correct and stable deployment in sweeping operations and provides excellent sea keeping properties.  The ballast chain is incorporated in the base of the skirt.

Inflatable Iight Oil Boom

The ballast chain is a hot dip galvanized DIN 763 steel chain that gives strength, correct and stable deployment in sweeping operations and provides excellent sea keeping properties. The ballast chain is incorporated in the base of the skirt.  Due to its flexibility and rapid deployment, the ILB has been utilized in multiple oil spill containment operations worldwide in e.g. U-sweep configurations.

Oil Boom Tech Spec

Features and Benefits

  • For use in harbors, nearshore and in U-sweep configurations
  • Widely used Monsun XG 1 air valve for easy air-inflation
  • Easy to deploy
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean

Neoprene Oil Boom

The Neoprene Boom is a very flexible, heavy duty type oil boom for containment of oil especially for offshore and Arctic conditions, or for permanent installations in harbors. It is robust and durable, but light and very easy to deploy rapidly.

The unique design coupled with the light, but extremely durable vulcanized neoprene material, makes it possible to store up to 300 m (984 ft) on one compact storage reel. When the boom of model Autoboom is deployed from the reel, it is automatically inflated from a single air source at the end of the boom, which ensures rapid and safe deployment. Retrieval is also efficient, due to easy deflation onto the storage reel.

Upon inflation, the patented internal design automatically separates the cylindrical floatation chambers. Each Individual Buoyancy Chamber is isolated. If one air chamber should get damaged or deflated, adjacent chambers will not be affected and will remain inflated.  The neoprene boom can also be supplied with single air chamber inflation.

Neoprene Oil Boom

Inflatable Boom, Permanent Deployment Boom

  • single-point air inflation for simple and rapid deployment or chamber by chamber inflation
  • compact storage volume
  • durable fabric
  • excellent wave following performance
  • high buoyancy to weight ratio
  • requires only one operator
  • safe to use and deploy – low pressure air source

Foam Filled Boom

The Foam Filled Oil Boom (FOB) is a solid light-weight float containment boom that is easy to use and store. The boom is ideal for emergency and permanent use in sea conditions from calm to open water. The boom is ideal for use in lakes, harbors, power plants and refineries. The FOB can be utilized in all climatic conditions and environments, including Arctic conditions.

The booms are manufactured of PVC coated woven dtex polyester fabric in high visibility red color. The boom is UV and oil resistant with very low maintenance required.

The internal floats are made from closed cell foam. The boom incorporates reflectors supplemented by boom light pouches and chaffs for radar reflectors. The hot dip galvanized DIN 763 ballast steel chain is incorporated into the skirt and a belt strengthener is stitched to the top to make the boom more robust.

The boom is supplied with ASTM Z connectors, made in accordance with the ASTM F962 standard.

The Silt Curtain

The Silt Curtain is specially designed to be used in conjunction with a conventional containment boom when the problem is the presence of sediments drifting in the water, caused by dredging or other type of construction work in a port, harbor, river or lake.

These materials are often drifting at a greater depth than usually covered by the skirt of a containment boom.

The silt curtain has a 2000 mm (alternatively 4000 mm or 6000 mm) high skirt and comes in stretches of 25 m. It is made of a polypropylene fabric reinforced with a highly resistant PET fibre, which due to its drainage capacity allows water to pass through while efficiently retaining the sediments.

When silt curtains are used to enclose open-water pipeline disposal operations, the vast majority (95 % or more) of the sediments descends to the bottom of the disposal area where it forms a fluid mud layer. The remaining 5 % or less of the sediments is responsible for the turbidity in the water column.

The silt curtain is connected to the oil boom ballast chain with shackles. The stretches of silt curtain are connected to each other also using shackles, while the boom itself is connected up using its normal connectors (ASTM, Norwegian, UNICON, etc.).

FOB Booms for Coastal Areas

This flat foam floatation boom is designed for use in harbours or calm waters and is robust, lightweight and compact, used in 3knots without any problems.

These materials are often drifting at a greater depth than usually covered by the skirt of a containment boom.

Deployment and recovery
The floats, which are filled with closed cell foam, make quick deployment possible (typically 2 people and a light craft are needed). 250 metres of boom can be deployed in less than 5 minutes. The boom’s flat design means it can be stored on a manual or hydraulically driven winch and is easy to clean.


The boom is composed of 1-metre long independent flat floats which guarantee floatation in case of damage.

Connection Between Booms
Each section is fitted with standard quick connectors, which may be ASTM, UNICON or Norwegian type as required.


  • Easy and compact storage
  • Made of durable oil-resistant material
  • Quick and easy to deploy and recover
  • Easy to clean.

Permanent Containment Booms

Permanent Containment Booms are heavy-duty booms with high-density polyethylene floats.  The boom is particularly robust and is made to give a particularly long service life in installations where booms are used frequently and on a permanent basis.

Boom Design
A boom with a heavy PU or PVC vertical barrier fabric and symmetrically placed foam-filled high-density polyethylene floats.  The two halves of the floats are bolted together trapping the barrier fabric in between.

This gives rise to a particularly heavy-duty construction which is easy to maintain and repair on site. Most of the forces on the boom are absorbed by the ballast chain, which is shackled on to the lower part of the skirt. The ballast chain is connected between sections with “split-links” made from hot-dip galvanised steel.

Each section is fitted with marine grade aluminium ASTM connectors. Tools are not required to connect the sections together. Alternatively, Unicon or Norwegian type connectors may be delivered.

Permanent Containment

Permanent Fence Boom Mk 8

The Permanent Fence Boom Mk 8 910/30m (36 in/100 ft) is a heavy duty solid float boom that is designed specifically for permanent installations in e.g. harbors and water inlets. The MK 8 boom’s strength, high freeboard and reserve buoyancy floatation make it effective under harsh conditions.

The Mk 8 is manufactured from strong PVC coated belting fabric together with durable polyethylene floats. The floats are made from solid molded closed cell polyethylene foam that is high temperature pressed to form the outer skin incorporating a unique splash guard handle. The booms have marine growth inhibitors and are UV resistant. The boom is equipped with galvanized steel ballast weights. The boom sections are supplied with ASTM Z or Slide type connectors, made in accordance with ASTM F962.

The Mk 8 oil containment and protection boom is durable and can withstand the impacts of heavy debris concentrations and has a long service life.

Solid Floatation Oil Boom

The Lamor Solid Floatation Boom (SFB) has been developed to meet today’s requirement for a quick to deploy and economical containment boom system. The Lamor SFB will contain oil and floating debris, it is light in weight, easy to deploy and manufactured from durable materials.

Lamor SFB represents a cost effective way of maintaining readiness in many environments from industrial units to rivers and harbors. Manufactured from PVC fabric with 

built in foam floatation, top tension member and connectors according to the customers’ requirements make for a versatile system.  The 8 mm top tension cable is enclosed in protective sheath and tuned for deployment in current. 

End connectors are standard on the ends of each section.  These can be universal slide or ASTM “Z” type connectors.  The boom has galvanized chain in double-wall chain pocket with reinforced ends as ballast and tension member.  Optionally mid-section anchor points can be provided.

Lamor SFB is available in sizes ranging from 150 mm (6 inch) to 635 mm (24 inch) total height.  The closed-cell foam logs are 1800 mm (6 ft) long.  Lamor Solid Floatation Boom is manufactured in high visibility yellow as standard with an option of international orange.

Beach Sealing Boom

Beach sealing booms provide an excellent seal against the shoreline in tidal areas: strong currents, areas exposed to strong tidal movements, rivers, estuaries and sheltered waters.

Boom Construction
Beach sealing booms have a triangular cross-section with a continuous air-filled tube above and two water-filled ballast chambers below.

The air filled tube has three internal buoyancy chambers. Thus, the boom floats as a conventional boom when working in waters with sufficient depth, and by effect of the weight of the ballast and its flexibility, seals the foreshore in low tide conditions.

Beach sealing booms are manufactured from premium quality PVC-coated polyester. This material is both strong and light, and gives rise to a hard-wearing and virtually maintenance-free product.

Beach Sealing Boom

On the underside of the boom there is a replaceable fabric, protecting the boom from wear and tear when working against abrasive surfaces. Each section is fitted with marine grade aluminium ASTM end connectors making the use of tools for connecting the sections together unnecessary.

To view the Beach Boom technical specs please Click Here

Marine Absorbant Boom

At 3m long and 20cm in diameter these single skin Oil only booms are the heaviest strongest largest booms in our product range and also stronger than anything else available – that we are aware of. There are four booms contained within the clear plastic bag.

The unique  technology outer  skin  was  the  reason  why our booms became the gold standard in the BP oil spill. Numerous longitudinal and corresponding circular reinforcements make the boom very strong.  The ends  are double  stapled  for added durability.
The core  of  the  boom is filled with a consistent sized Oil only melt blown polypropylene. Running along the boom’s length is a tough nylon rope,  there are also high quality rust proofed metal rings and snap hooks fitted. These enable a number of booms to be fastened together to create a continuous longer length.

Twenty centimetre Single Skin Booms are the ideal solution when you need to quickly and effectively contain large oil and petroleum-based spills on water or in outdoor environments. Due to the boom’s large size ,they are particularly suited to handle off shore wave conditions.
Key features
  • All-in-one construction produces exceptional strength and prevents the boom from twisting.
    Resists snagging on debris.
  • End rings and snap hooks make deployment of the desired length fast and easy.
  • Can stretch without failing.
  • Made with recycled content.
  • 20cmdiameterisbestforoff-shoredeployment.
  • Fire retardant asperASTM726.
  • Ensure that disposal of these sorbents complies with all regulations.

Boom Storage Options

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