With part of PPE equipment supplied in our spill kits and bins, We at Zwanny also do offer a selection of PPE equipment these being Gloves

We can offer a selection of work gloves these being:

  • Ansel chemical resistance gloves in green
  • Pvc gloves red
  • Nitrile gloves Blue powder free 100 in box
  • Black nitrile gauntles
  • Dust masks

We offer a number of packs of P2 and P3 approved standard dust masks a one off unit or a half face mask with filter carriages. We are happy to discuss your dust mask requirements.

Coveralls in white
Chemical Protective Clothing with Hood, Category III, Type 5-B and 6-B | Robust yet Lightweight in a number of sizes

Safety goggles encase the area surrounding your eyes to protect them from dust, dirt and any flying debris. Suitable for a number of trades and uses, popular features include anti-mist and anti-scratch lenses and adjustable straps for maximum comfort. Protective goggles are an essential part of keeping safe whilst exposed to certain hazardous environments and are available from top safety brands.