Lamor has developed a series of positive displacement oil transfer pumps with capacities ranging from 20 – 140m3/h in both aluminum and stainless steel models. The GTA multipurpose submersible Archimedes screw pump is designed to be utilized in a variety of applications and scenarios.

The newly developed series of GTA pumps manufactured in stainless steel have been especially designed for long-term permanent use on vessels. The stainless steel GTA pumps are surface treated with a mix of of highly protective dirt repellent and hydrophobic coatings to further enhance the superior properties of the acid proof stainless steel casing. The standard GTA pump casing is constructed from robust, seawater resistant aluminum. The internal components of both models are cast with acid-proof stainless steel. Special seals ensure durability and performance.

All the Lamor GTA pumps have a unique design that promotes a smooth pumping action and easy flow control that will not emulsify oily water and that reduces cavitation ensuring a constant flow. In addition to being used as oil transfer pumps, the pumps can be utilized for numerous applications such as offloading emergency pumping of heavy crude, bitumen, tank cleaning, pipeline maintenance, sludge removal, and other functions.

The efficiency of the GTA pumps is increased due to a water/steam annular injection on the both the inlet and outlet, and a debris cutting knife to cut through and process solids such as seaweed, plastics, and ropes. The pumps are equipped with easy access grease nipple and are designed to be easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning.

GTA Oil Transfer Pump

  • Compact design, light-weight
  • Robust, sea-water resistant
  • Acid proof, steel internal parts
  • Annular water injection (inlet & outlet)
  • Cutting knife on inlet
  • Various discharge options
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Oil transfer pump with Aluminium Frame VX100-64Q

The  Rotary Lobe Transfer Pump VX 100- 64Q is a 20 m³/hr (77 GPM) Positive Displacement Lobe Pump that can be used as off-loading pump or oil transfer pump with our Skimmers of different types.

It has a solids passing capability up to 19 mm (0.75″) and a self priming suction lift up to 7.62 m (25 ft) when wet. Its compact size, small footprint and high performance make it the ideal choice when having to select a pump to offload medium viscosity debris laden oil or contaminated, emulsified oil water mixtures on site.

The Rotary Lobe principal ensures that the pump has sensitive shear characteristics, giving gentle pumping action and pulsation free operation to avoid   further   emulsification   or   the recovered

mediums. The pump is manufactured in grey cast iron with aluminium pump casing to save the weight and  make easier to transport in the field and fitted with oil resistant rubber lobe rotor for maximum performance.

The pump has quiet operation with only 78 dB at 0.9 m (3 ft) and is fitted with a premium quality Danfoss OMR 50 hydraulic motor for maximum life and reliability.

Standard hydraulic connectors: Pressure          1/2″ TEMA 5011 (female) Return                      1/2″ TEMA 5021 (male)Standard discharge outlet:  3″ Camlock, male

Oil transfer pump w. Hydraulic motor Spate C75 H - 100013

The unique design of the hydraulic oil transfer pump C 75 H is ideal for multiple oil recovery applications for light and heavy viscous oils, petroleum industry products, slurries and dirty water. The C 75 pump can be utilized with a wide variety of oil recovery equipment and skimmers.

The C 75 H is made from light-weight sea water resistant aluminum and is easily transportable due to its aluminum frame. It is well suited to a variety of demanding site conditions and oil recovery operations. The C 75 characteristics include automatic self-priming and indefinite dry-running. Its excellent air handling capabilities and double diaphragm induced flow design guarantee rapid and reliable results.

The oil transfer pump is equipped with a 3″ suction (male) and 3″ discharge (male) connections. This suction type pump is efficient to pump oils and other materials up to 5000 cSt.  Hydraulic connectors: Tema 1/2″, male/female 5011 pressure 5021 return.

  • Light-weight and transportable
  • Multipurpose usage for various oil recovery applications
  • Sea water resistant aluminium with aluminium frame
  • Automatic self-priming
  • Indefinite dry running
  • All types of light and heavy viscous oils and other liquids
  • User friendly

Lamor GTC 75

The Lamor GTC 75 is designed for efficient handling of viscous liquids, bulky solids and shear-sensitive liquids. The Lamor GTC range of centrifugal-screw pumps are driven by a built-on axial hydraulic motor rated accordingly to each model.

The Hidrostal design centrifugal screw combines the properties of the screw pump with those of the centrifugal pump, which enables handling of medium to high viscosity liquids while limiting the effects of emulsification or clogging. Both the centrifugal-screw and drive flange are bolted and keyed onto the hydraulic motor shaft respectively, with the drive flange transmitting power to the centrifugal screw via a lock pin. The GTC 75 pump is housed in an aluminum casing and uses a brass centrifugalscrew.

Hydraulic oil flows into the motor through the flexible extension hose and circulates through via a separate hydraulic return hose. The pumps hydraulic connection is fitted with a non return valve to permit free rotation of the pump when there is no hydraulic supply.

The Lamor GTC 75 can handle oil with a maximum viscosity of 10,000Cst making it an ideal component for heavy oil skimmers such as the Lamor brush skimming systems.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Liquivac pumps can handle combinations of liquids, gases and fine solids. Manufactured in The UK by renowned pump engineering specialists The Liquivac can perform a huge range of operations.

The pumps are widely used by utilities companies, chemical processors, food and drink producers, environmental engineers, desalination plants and sealife centres, and have a proven track record across a wide range of industry sectors.

Recognised for its durability and reliability, Liquivac’s innovative liquid ring vacuum design can accommodate solids of up to 2mm in diameter during the transfer of liquids, air, foam, emulsions and vapours. The technology is also highly effective when used in pump priming systems to increase process efficiency and to protect larger vacuum pumps from damage.

How it works…
Liquivac boasts an innovative liquid ring vacuum design and incorporates a twin start helical rotor mounted eccentrically in a cylindrical pump barrel.On installation, the pump should be primed with a suitable liquid and during start-up, a liquid ring is created, forming a seal between the rotor and casing, creating a series of crescent-shaped cavities, travelling from suction to delivery. In the priming cycle, air is drawn into the cavities, compressed and discharged through the pump.

Once fully primed, the cavities are filled with liquid, displacing any liquid warmed in the priming cycle.

Liquivac’s cast iron or 316 stainless steel pump body, combined with a stainless steel rotating element, makes the pump extremely robust in operation.

Liquivac characteristics:
  • Priming rate to 40m3/HR
  • Flow rate – liquids to 35m3/HR
  • Can accommodate solids of up to 2mm in diameter

When used as a vacuum pump, service liquid is required from an external source. This does not have to be totally clean and the system can be arranged for recirculation.
Vacuum Systems:
  • Vacuum drainage systems
  • Multiple sump evacuation
  • Liquid
  • Powder blending
  • Vacuum filtration
  • Vacuum cooling
  • Heat exchange
  • Sewage evacuation

Stone Catcher Pump

The Lamor Stone Catcher is a small box containing a steel grid inside that traps stones and large debris. It acts as a filter for stones and debris larger than the pumps handling capacity.

A mesh screen separates the solids from liquids and can be removed for cleaning. The system is accessed by a sealed top cover with 4 stainless steel clamps.

Camlock couplings are mounted on suction and discharge side according to hose size. To function it merely needs to be connected between the skimmer and the pump.

The Lamor Stone Catcher effectively prolongs the life of the pump by reducing the damage caused by stones.