Great customer service, very helpful
Willis Ridley Steering Gear
Google Review
Very pleased with the goods and for the quick response.
Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners
We have not needed to manage spill kits or absorbents on site for over 2 years now. This is managed by Zwanny. Always looking and achieving cost reductions each year. Zero stock outs. Spill stations are a great addition. Extremely helpful customer with all spill and ancillary products.
Gavin Thomas
Google Review
We have been trading with Zwanny Ltd since 2015 and have found them to be a very professional company with exceptional products. In particular we like: • Spill kits and spill kit supplies are easy to order • Delivery is fast and efficient • The training provided to our staff was very informative and comprehensive • The Product Certificates provided with Zwanny Products met and exceeded the requirements for Environmental Audits • Being treated as a valued customer, rather than just another sale. We have no hesitation in recommending Zwanny Ltd.’s products and services.
Moulded Foams
Portland Bunkers UK have used Zwanny Ltd since 2016. They are our go to, for oil spill equipment. Marc and team are extremely knowledgeable and provide a great customer service.
Portland Bunkers
Sam Smith
We have used Marc and his team at Dean & Reddyhoff for many years. Zwanny Ltd. have always given us an immediate, and knowledgeable, response to our spill kit response needs.
Ben Lippiett
Google Review
We installed one MS10 on No.6 old canal which is working really well. Last week we fitted the second one on No.1 new canal to remove a large amount of oil, it took approx 45 mins to clear it as opposed to the mop type which would have taken all day. All the plant operators are happy with the new kit and how to use it.
Tata Steel
Great customer service on top of great prices and fast delivery.​
Just Rollers
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